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Title Hotel renewal notice
Date 2014.01.15

The brand new Metro hotel coming soon!

Estimated renewal period : In the first half of 2014


We are now upgrading…

* Guest Rooms with built in furniture and better lights

* Simple and easy internet access with better speed

* Wide and convenient business center

* Flawless security system to take full control of access

We are creating…

* Unification of front desk, lobby, lounge and dining area

* Family floor with suites built with eco-friendly materials, a lounge with a self-dining kitchen, Kids’ playground and a pantry room with washer and dryer


The renewal of guest rooms is going to be proceeded step by step by the floor; however the restaurant, front desk, and the lobby will be operating as usual, followed by the principle. Please kindly understand that reservations may close earlier than expected due to the limited numbers of rooms available during renewal periods.

Please pardon noises during the day time while we create the changes to make your stay even more comfortable. If you are willing to discuss anything about the renewal, please contact us either by phone on 822-752-1112 or email

Thank you.